How to be prepared for winter weather in Oklahoma – The do’s and don’ts

February 10th, 2021 by

Do- Ignore the weather forecast

  • Oklahoma weather broadcasters run the most-watched soap opera in the state, and their conclusions are often far from what ends up happening. Today they said it would be fifty-degrees, but what do you know, it’s twenty-seven-degrees and icy.

Do- Do the little things right to prevent a problem before your morning commute.

  • Flip up your windshield wipers. Just in case. It takes just seconds to do, and you lose nothing by doing it if it turns out to not be an icy day.

Do Not- Pour water on your windshield. It’s a bad idea all around, no matter what Buzzfeed says. You’ll end up with a cracked windshield, and while we’d love to help you repair it, we’d rather you not have to experience that in the first place.

Do- Leave a few minutes early.

  • This gives you time to fill up any tires that might have been deflated by the change in pressure. A trip to your local OnCue is your best place to fill tires for free. It makes a difference in your handling and miles-per-gallon, so it’s a good idea all around.

Do- Keep boots, a jacket, and thick socks in your vehicle just in case you end up stranded on the side of the road due to an unavoidable situation.

Do Not- Assume roads are clear because they pass a visual inspection. Black ice can be nearly invisible, which could lead to a very bad day if you’re exceeding the speed limit.

Do- Not getting enough traction? Consider upgrading to an AWD or 4WD vehicle to be ready for any driving situation at any time.

  • It’s not something we have to worry about year round in Oklahoma, but the few days where you need it will make you glad you were prepared.

Oklahoma weather is the longest-running soap opera in the state, and it is often better to just prepare in spite of the forecast. Remember: It’s always important to arrive alive. Your boss will understand if you’re a few minutes late.

Stay safe on these Oklahoma roads, and we’ll see y’all soon!

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